'Hot Barrels!' shooting book by Jeremy Hobson & Bryn Parry.

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Hot Barrels! - A Fascinating and Fun Book for Shooting Enthusiasts

Delve into the captivating world of shooting with "Hot Barrels!" - a book that appeals to everyone involved in this thrilling sport. This fascinating and informative read explores the reality and myths surrounding shooting and the shooting day, making it a perfect choice for country sports enthusiasts.

Renowned cartoonist Bryn Parry lends his brilliant illustrations to bring the pages of this book to life. With his artistic touch, "Hot Barrels!" becomes an engaging journey through the superstitions of game Shots, extraordinary field experiences, and the unveiling of commonly-held beliefs, separating fact from fiction. Discover the secrets of the Hunter's Moon, learn how to outsmart midges, and explore the truth behind the legendary McNab challenge and haunted shooting lodges - all accompanied by Bryn's beautifully crafted cartoons.

Gift Ideas:

  1. Birthday Surprise: For your shooting-loving friend or family member's birthday, "Hot Barrels!" makes an ideal present. Its entertaining content and insightful anecdotes will keep them engrossed for hours.

  2. Christmas Delight: Add "Hot Barrels!" to your loved one's Christmas gift list, making their holiday season even more exciting. It's a gift that will provide entertainment and knowledge for years to come.

  3. Thank-You Gesture: If someone has taken you on an extraordinary shooting experience, express your gratitude with this unique book. "Hot Barrels!" serves as a thoughtful and enjoyable thank-you gift.

  4. Father's Day or Mother's Day Treat: Surprise your shooting enthusiast mom or dad with "Hot Barrels!" on their special day. They'll appreciate the blend of fun and informative content tailored to their interests.

  5. Gifting for Shooting Events: Present "Hot Barrels!" as a prize or giveaway at shooting events and competitions. Its wide appeal ensures that it will be cherished by the recipients.

With its wealth of information, humor, and Bryn Parry's iconic illustrations, "Hot Barrels!" is an excellent addition to any shooting enthusiast's collection. Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, a thank-you gesture, or a special occasion like Father's Day or Mother's Day, this book is sure to captivate and intrigue readers with its insights into the world of shooting.