Thelwell Cartoon Prints

Welcome to Countryside Greetings, your premier destination for all things countryside-inspired! Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Thelwell Prints, a delightful collection celebrating the artistic genius of Norman Thelwell. Born in Birkenhead, Thelwell's journey began with an adventurous spirit, as he served in the East Yorkshire Regiment during World War II, joining at the tender age of 18 in 1941. During this time, he showcased his artistic talent as the art editor of an army magazine in vibrant New Delhi, India.

Thelwell's artistic prowess continued to flourish after the war, as he pursued evening classes in art at Nottingham Art School in 1944. Here, fate intervened, as he found both artistic inspiration and lifelong love in Rhona, a fellow art student who would become his beloved wife in 1949. Together, they embarked on a journey filled with love, and the blessings of a son and daughter.

His dedication to his craft led him to pursue further studies at Liverpool College of Art, where he honed his skills and artistic vision. In 1950, he took up a teaching position in design and illustration at Wolverhampton College of Art, but in 1956, Thelwell bravely decided to embrace the freelance world, unleashing his boundless creativity.

Thelwell's artistic talent soon caught the attention of Punch magazine, marking the beginning of a remarkable 25-year relationship. Over this period, Thelwell contributed more than 1,500 cartoons to Punch, with 60 of them gracing the magazine's front covers. Additionally, he made his mark as a political cartoonist for the News Chronicle during its run from 1956 until 1960.

In 1957, his first collection of cartoons, titled "Angels on Horseback," was published, revealing a glimpse of the delightful and humorous illustrations that were to come.

However, it was Thelwell's unique knack for capturing the world of Pony Club girls and their comic ponies that truly endeared him to a wide audience. This captivating subject matter inspired a cartoon strip featuring the lovable duo, Penelope and Kipper. Thelwell's illustrations were also featured in the British boys' comic Eagle, where he brought the endearing character Chicko to life.

Beyond his artistic achievements, Thelwell immersed himself in the tranquility of the Test Valley at Timsbury, near Romsey, where he spent the last quarter of his life. He lovingly restored a farmhouse and landscaped the grounds, leading to the publication of his first factual book, "A Plank Bridge by a Pool" in 1978, detailing the lakes he dug there. A testament to his passion for restoring old buildings, his autobiography, "Wrestling with a Pencil," reverberates with his appreciation for the beauty of old cottages.

In the 1970s, Thelwell lent his artistic touch to the front covers of the first six books in James Herriot's series, adding his unique charm to these beloved literary works.

Now, at Countryside Greetings, we invite you to explore the timeless allure of Thelwell Prints, celebrating the joy of the countryside through his art. Indulge in the heartwarming and humorous world of Thelwell, and add a touch of countryside spirit to your home with these delightful prints today!