Dog training greeting card collection by Bryn Parry

A new range of dog training cartoon greeting cards featuring twelve designs by Bryn Parry.

Bryn Parry's Collection: Embrace the charm of Bryn Parry's distinctive style! In his latest collection, Bryn focuses on dog training cartoons designed especially for working dog owners. With humor and insight, each card captures the unique bond between humans and their four-legged companions. From humorous antics to heartfelt moments, Bryn Parry's range adds a touch of warmth and understanding to every greeting.

Bryn Parry CBE, a distinguished British cartoonist, artist, and sculptor, gained acclaim for his insightful portrayal of rural and country sporting life spanning three decades. Temporarily stepping away from his artistic pursuits, Bryn co-founded the charity Help for Heroes alongside his wife Emma. Following his retirement from the charity, Bryn enjoyed a thriving career as a sculptor until his unfortunate passing in 2023.

His enduring legacy, characterised by humour and artistry, lives on through his sculptures and cartoons. Bryn’s family; Emma, Louisa, Sophie, and Tom are committed to maintaining Bryn’s contributions at the forefront of British country life in the years to come.

At Countryside Greetings, we are committed to sustainability. All of our cards are printed using sustainably sourced card and adhere to the Woodland Carbon code. Our brown fleck envelopes are made in Nottingham using FSC paper, ensuring that each greeting sent carries a message of care for our planet.