Afghan Hound Dog Greeting Card by Dick Twinney

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Dick Twinney’s "Know Your Dog Afghan Hound" Greeting Card

Elevate your greetings with Dick Twinney’s "Know Your Dog Afghan Hound" Greeting Card – a graceful tribute tailored for Afghan Hound aficionados and those captivated by the breed's regal allure. Renowned Cornish artist and fervent dog lover, Dick Twinney, has artfully captured the Afghan Hound's elegant stature and flowing coat, beautifully embodying their dignified and independent nature. These exquisite A5-sized cards are meticulously crafted in Britain on a sturdy 280gsm board, sourced thoughtfully from sustainable wood pulp, proudly displaying the stamp of approval from the UK's woodland carbon code.

Originating from the mountainous regions of Afghanistan, the Afghan Hound's history is steeped in legend and honor. Revered as skilled hunters, their incredible speed and agility made them invaluable to nomadic tribes in pursuit of sustenance. With a regal aura, they were cherished by ancient Persia's royalty and dignitaries, earning international acclaim in dog shows worldwide.

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    Embrace the versatility of these blank-inside cards, perfect for a range of occasions. Whether commemorating a special event or conveying heartfelt sentiments, Dick Twinney’s "Know Your Dog Afghan Hound" Greeting Card provides the perfect canvas for your emotions. Celebrate the rich history and regal grace of this exceptional breed with a card that truly captures their essence.

    Occasions suitable for this card:

    • Birthdays
    • Anniversaries
    • Congratulations
    • Graduations
    • Thank You
    • Thinking of You
    • Sympathy and Condolences
    • Just Because