Beautiful British Birds greeting card Multipack

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"Discover the Splendor of British Birds - Eco-Friendly Greeting Card Collection"

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of our feathered friends with our stunning new collection of greeting cards featuring 12 exquisite British bird species. Captured and brought to life by the renowned Cornish artist, Dick Twinney, these cards are a celebration of the diverse avian life that graces our towns and countryside. From the charming Robin to the elusive Lesser-spotted Woodpecker, each card showcases a masterpiece of artistry and conservation.

Our blank interior cards are versatile and perfect for all occasions. Whether it's a heartfelt message for birthdays, weddings, or expressing sympathy, these cards are the ideal choice to convey your sentiments.

Delight in the details, as each card's reverse features a thoughtful quote related to the species from the classic book, "A History of British Birds" by William Yarrell, dating back to 1843. This adds a touch of historical significance to your thoughtful gestures.

At Countryside Greetings, we are committed to safeguarding the environment. Our dedication shines through in every aspect of our product:

  1. Twelve exquisite bird illustrations in A5-sized greeting cards, complete with envelopes, make this multipack a must-have!

  2. Eco-friendly Printing: All cards are locally printed on sustainable carbon-captured card stock, proudly bearing the Woodland Carbon logo. By choosing our cards, you contribute to preserving our forests and their valuable role in mitigating carbon emissions.

  3. Recycled Materials: Our envelopes are crafted from recycled paper sources, reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices.

  4. Biodegradable Packaging: We are actively replacing cellophane wraps with biodegradable alternatives. Rest assured that your choice contributes to a cleaner, greener planet.

  5. Nativa Wraps: Our newly printed cards are thoughtfully packed in fully biodegradable Nativa wraps, taking yet another step towards a more eco-conscious future.

  6. Responsible Upcycling: Our commitment doesn't stop with the cards; we also strive to upcycle and recycle cardboard packaging. What can't be upcycled finds a purpose as animal bedding before entering a composting system.

Experience the joy of sharing these exquisite cards while also making a positive impact on the environment. By purchasing our collection, you save on multiple visits to the shop, both online and in-store.

Celebrate nature's wonders with our beautiful British bird greeting cards - the perfect harmony of art, conservation, and sustainability. Shop now and spread the love for our avian companions while protecting their habitats for generations to come

From original paintings by © Dick Twinney –,courtesy of Bernard Thornton Artists, London & Mallorca.