Greyhound Dog Greeting Card by Dick Twinney

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Introducing the Dick Twinney "Know Your Dog" Greyhound Greeting Card, a stunning tribute designed specifically for Greyhound enthusiasts and admirers of this graceful and majestic breed. Created by acclaimed Cornish artist and devoted dog lover, Dick Twinney, this masterpiece beautifully captures the sleek and regal form of Greyhounds, showcasing their noble nature.

These exquisite A5-sized cards are meticulously crafted in Britain from a sturdy 280gsm board, carefully sourced from sustainable wood pulp, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility. Each card proudly bears the stamp of approval from the UK's woodland carbon code.

The Greyhound, celebrated for its unmatched speed and poised demeanor, exudes a calm and affectionate disposition. Their dignified presence and warm-hearted nature make them exceptional companions, known for forging deep connections with their human counterparts.

Embrace the versatility of these blank-inside cards, suitable for a range of occasions. Whether commemorating a special moment or expressing heartfelt gratitude, Dick Twinney’s "Know Your Dog Greyhound" Greeting Card provides the perfect canvas for your sentiments. Celebrate the magnificence of this extraordinary breed with a card that authentically captures their essence. Elevate your greeting card experience with Dick Twinney's Greyhound masterpiece.

Elevate your greeting card experience with Dick Twinney's Greyhound masterpiece. In addition to their stunning design and eco-friendly production, these "Know Your Dog Greyhound" Greeting Cards offer a range of benefits:

  1. Tailored for Greyhound Enthusiasts: Specifically designed for those who cherish the Greyhound breed, these cards resonate with fellow admirers.

  2. Versatile Blank-inside Design: Perfect for any occasion, these cards provide a blank canvas for your personalized messages, allowing you to express your sentiments freely.

  3. Expertly Crafted with Care: Meticulously made on robust 280gsm board sourced from sustainable wood pulp, ensuring a premium quality product.

  4. Environmental Responsibility: Proudly bearing the stamp of approval from the UK's woodland carbon code, these cards are a testament to our commitment to sustainable practices.

  5. Celebrates Greyhound Majesty: Dick Twinney's exquisite portrayal captures the essence of Greyhounds, highlighting their regal and graceful nature.

  6. Strengthens Bonds: Greyhounds are known for their affectionate nature and their ability to form deep connections with their human companions.

Experience the joy of gifting or receiving these cards and celebrate the magnificence of the Greyhound breed with Dick Twinney's "Know Your Dog Greyhound" Greeting Card.