Mystical Greeting Card. Elen of the Ways by Amanda Skipsey

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Mystical Greeting Card featuring stylised image of Elen of the Ways by Amanda Skipsey.  

Elen of the Ways is likely the oldest Goddess in mainland Britain, dating back to the Paleolithic era. During this time, deer were crucial to our ancestors, providing food, tools, and spiritual connections. Like modern Saami cultures, ancient societies revered deer, relying on them for survival and guidance during migrations.

Introducing our stunning A5-sized greeting card, adorned with a vibrant and enchanting image crafted by the talented artist, Amanda Skipsey. Immerse yourself in the magical world she creates, where color bursts forth and mystery beckons.

Printed on premium-quality cardstock, each card is produced under the Woodland Carbon code, contributing to the noble cause of replenishing our forests. Embrace the eco-consciousness woven into every fiber of these cards, where a portion of production costs goes towards planting new woodlands.

With a blank interior, these uplifting cards serve as the perfect canvas for any occasion. Whether it's a birthday celebration, anniversary milestone, wedding bliss, heartfelt thanks, or honoring parental love on Father's or Mother's Day, these cards embody versatility and warmth.

AK Skipsey draws inspiration from the rugged Cambrian mountains and the quaint Welsh towns and villages, infusing her art with vivacious colors and a narrative steeped in community, mystery, and allure. Each canvas tells a story, inviting you to embark on a journey of imagination and wonder.

Elevate your greetings with a touch of artistry and soulfulness. Experience the magic of AK Skipsey's creations, where every card is a portal to a world of boundless possibilities.