Ponies Weekly Planner by Thelwell

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Ponies and horses weekly planner - perfect for time management, organisation

60 tear away A4 pages, printed on environmentally friendly paper 100 gsm matt paper which can be written on with ink, felt, biro, highlighters and pencil. Doubles up as a mousepad, so perfect to have on your desk by the computer. Use in the office, at home, school, college and university .Features iconic fat little pony cartoons by Norman Thelwell.

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We are doing our bit to help the environment. All of our cards are printed locally on carbon captured sustainable card stock and carry the Woodland Carbon logo. Envelopes are made from recycled paper sources and we are endeavouring to replace all cellophane wraps with biodegradable packaging by 2022. All newly printed cards are being packed in Nativa wraps which are fully biodegradeable. As a business we always try to up-cycle and recycle cardboard packaging, that can not be up-cycled is shredded for animal bedding and then enters a composting system.