Shooting Greeting Card. Safety First by Bryn Parry

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Cartoon Shooting Greeting Card with envelope by Bryn Parry - Safety First. Need to send someone a thank you for a days shooting, send a birthday card to a sporting friend or family member, then Bryn Parry's cartoon depiction of a shooting character climbing a barbed wire fence is sure to hit the right note. With a celebrated career spanning three decades, Bryn Parry is a renowned British cartoonist, artist, and sculptor. His exceptional talent in characterizing various aspects of country and sporting life has won him widespread acclaim. Notably, Bryn, along with his wife Emma, co-founded the charity Help for Heroes, displaying their dedication to making a positive impact. After a sabbatical, Bryn has returned to his studio, and his artistic passion shines brightly once again. It's a perfect way to show your appreciation for a day of shooting, or to make a heartfelt birthday wish to your friend or family member. Bryn Parry's exclusive, sophisticated cartoon style and his inspiring personal journey will add meaning and depth to your greeting. Plus, it's a great way to support the exceptional work of Help for Heroes, a charity founded by Bryn and his wife Emma. After a sabbatical, Bryn is back in the studio, bringing his exceptional talent and passion to his art once again.