The Ransom Note. Vintage humour greeting card by Thelwell

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Vintage humour greeting card featuring Football, broken window and Ransom Note

Introducing a fresh collection of vibrant artworks by the late Norman Thelwell, showcasing his renowned Stately Home, Farming, and Environmental cartoons from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. These eco-conscious cards are produced in the UK, adhering to the woodland carbon code standards. Crafted with sustainability in mind, the accompanying envelopes are fashioned from responsibly sourced brown fleck paper, proudly bearing British origins.

Norman Thelwell, celebrated as the unofficial illustrator of the British countryside, remains one of Britain's most beloved cartoonists. While he humorously depicted various facets of human conduct, he became particularly renowned for his charming portrayals of little girls and their plump ponies, a theme that has cemented his enduring popularity and legacy.

Thelwell's artistic repertoire extends far beyond ponies, encompassing themes such as fishing, gardening, home life, travel, pets, farming, grand estates, childhood, and rural pastimes. Each subject receives his distinctive and timeless treatment, contributing to his widespread appeal and lasting influence.

This greeting card is blank on the inside making it versatile in use: Birthday, Thank You, Anniversary, Wedding and general correspondence.